Qualities that Make Leica Prisms an Ideal Choice for all Your Projects

leica-prismLeica prisms are among the best reflectors in town with maximum accuracy and range. The reflective surface in these prisms has an anti-reflex coating on it and a copper coating on the reverse side. With these coatings, the range of distances measures, Powersearch and ATR are as accurate as they can be. The dimensions of each prism are also ideal in measuring the accuracy. No matter what project it is that you are working on you will find a suitable prism to use from Leica Geosystems. You can choose from standard prisms, mini prisms and special prisms depending on the intended use.

Leica prisms will serve you for a long time. On top of the copper layer on the reverse side is a protective coating and an overlying lacquer coat. The lacquer protects the inner layers from corrosion and detachment. This way the life of the prism is improved greatly. On the sensitive side, the anti-reflex coating prevents any scratches.

The longevity is not the only advantage the anti-reflex has in the Leica prisms. It ensures measurement accuracy by reflecting the entire signal received. The copper coating on the reverse side ensures that no such errors occur even when used in foggy environs and water droplets settle on the prism.

Each Leica prism comes with its holder. These holders are made in such a way that they are configured properly and have perfect centring accuracy. It is important to note that using a different holder will result in such errors.

With all the aforementioned qualities, the Leica prism price may come as a surprise to you. They are sold at such an affordable price that there is no real reason why you should use any other. With only a small amount of money you can be able to get all the benefits these prisms have; accuracy and durability.

Buy Leica prisms keeping few basic things in your mind

A 360 prism is a valuable tool for the monitoring and surveying purpose. Experts know how to use it properly and needless to say, they also know how to buy it. But many time other people also want to try it and they buy Leica prism for learning and understanding. If you are one of those individuals who want to get familiar with this tool and you are planning to buy it, then make sure you keep following three things in your mind at the time of purchasing.

Know your needs: Leica prisms can do a lot of things, and you shall know your needs. If you want to survey a smaller area, then you may have different needs, and if you want to monitor a terrain of bigger size, then things would be completely different. So, when you plan to buy Leica Prisms, make sure you understand and remember this simple fact in your mind.

Check the range: The range of a Leica prism may vary depending on your selection. Some of these prisms can offer only a particular degree of rotation while some others can provide a complete 360-degree rotation to you. Checking the range is also a good idea before buying this tool. That simple idea will make sure you have the right tool as per your particular needs.

Check the brand: Although many good names or brand selling this tool, yet many people buy Leica prism from local or non-trusted brands. I am not suggesting you shall look for a brand that is world famous because of no reason. Instead of that, you shall find a brand that offers a product that is well tested under a different situation. That will give you the best outcome and you will be able to get most from it with great comfort and ease.