Leica Prism 360 degree Prism For Total Station Surveying



For efficient operation without the need for directing the prism toward the instrument, a 360° type prism is recommended. This consists of six individual prisms joined together. The arrangement allows the measuring beam to reflect directly back to its source evenly from any position on the prism set. The even distribution of the prisms provides similar offset and accuracy readings from any side.

This reflector is recommended for all robotic work performed with a survey pole. The rubber mountings on the top and bottom of the prisms provide protection if the pole falls over. The prism is supplied in a padded case for safe transportation.

The GRZ4 has an overall pointing accuracy of 5mm. However, when aiming directly at one of the three prisms, indicated by yellow arrows, an accuracy of better than 2mm can be achieved.

Molded into a fiber-reinforced housing. -11 mm offset with Leica mounting stud. Leica prisms “snap on” to Leica prism poles

Additional features

Leica prism that are particularly intended for a watery domain, need unique qualities, these incorporate being extreme and completely waterproof, some buoy and others accompany a compass and are likewise rangefinder prism and Leica has no exception and it designed with less internal components thus being light as an additional advantage

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