Leica Prism Single Prism-GPR1 + GPH1 Laser Version



Information about Leica Prism

Processing customization: Yes
Model: ADH13
Material: metal and optical glass
Dimensions: 1 (mm)
Scope: Leica prism system

We supply varies reflect systems based on our own corner cubes. Using steady tribraches to assemble with accurate corner cubes makes our reflect system more reliable. Meanwhile, makes the after-sale service more complete.

High precision

this type of prism is ideal for surveying task that needs high you know that Most surveying undertakings that require high-precision and tight determinations are finished utilizing Leica prisms why not decide and have one for the similar purpose. Leica prisms are made by taking a triple-prism glass get together and crushing down the three corners to fit effectively inside the Leica lodging resulting to a gadget with high precision. Indeed Leica prism has the highest precision when compared to other products is the same line.

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